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Swish Collection is at the forefront of Christmas decorations, display pieces and collectibles. We stock a wide range of high quality pieces, from mesmerising waterballs to extravagant displays to ornate decorations.

As a family business with long-standing employees, we have had over 25 years experience as wholesalers, and seven years specialising in Christmas—which means that our products are the result of expert sourcing and selection. We pride ourselves on offering unique pieces, so that the products you stock can truly reflect the magic of Christmas.


Here at Swish Collection, our aim is to provide products of excellent quality for all your Christmas needs. We have stringent standards on the sourcing and manufacturing of our products, so that you get the best value for your money. We strive to go above and beyond with our customer service. Our team are always on hand, both before and after delivery, so that the festive season is a delight you’ll be looking forward to each year.


Iris is our warehouse manager. She makes sure that all the elves are packing your orders correctly and delivered to you on time. She is also a sci-fi geek!

Andrew is our sales manager for NSW and southern QLD. He also helps out with some buying. He brings a friendly face to your store and hopes to help you order what’s right for you. He is also a keen photographer.

Lisa is our office manager. She makes sure that everything is running smoothly. If there is a problem then Lisa is the fixer.
 She is also a keen tennis player.

Karen is our sales agent for Melbourne and some country. She loves to go the extra mile for her customers. She boards doggies in her other life.

Don is our sales agent for Country Victoria. Don has been doing this since the beginning of time. He brings great knowledge of the industry to his loyal customers. In his spare time he likes to fish.

Joel is the co-owner of the business. He is an awesome buyer and a great schmoozer. Bring him to your next party ! in his spare time he likes to go to gym and show baby pictures.

Jason is the co-owner of the business. He keeps a careful eye over everything and like to talk. In his spare time he like to hike and take selfies.